RSL Islanders Add Veteran Goaltender Tourangeau to Roster

The RSL Islanders announce today they’ve added a veteran goaltender Emily ‘Rango’ Tourangeau to the roster. Last year, as a freshman for the SUNY Canton Kangaroos, Emily suffered a season-ending injury early in the season. She transferred back home to Carleton University at the end of the year, to pursue Forensic Psychology this year and, now healthy, was looking for an opportunity to continue her playing career.

With both RSL Islanders goalies Alysia Moger (G, Senior) and Ava Johnston (G, Junior) injured, Shaun Johnston, General Manager for the RSL Islanders, began looking for a roster goalie addition. “It was really fortunate for us to find a goaltender with Emily’s résumé available to us at this point in the season. When we connected, she was excited for the opportunity to help build the program and we’re equally ecstatic to have her. The hockey gods have been kind after suffering a real set back with our current goalie health status”.

“Emily brings us outstanding goaltending and a veteran presence to our group. For our young program, she’s exactly what we need”, added Head Coach Pete Pedersen. “We had a talented group coming out of training camp, they’re eager to learn and put in the work necessary to get better. If we had a weakness, it’s the relative lack of older players, and that’s normally just something you have to work through with a new program. But, the recent additions of Alyssa Proderick, and Shaina Vandemheen’s move to full-time player status (moving up from AP status) and now Emily coming on board, really helps close that leadership gap.”